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記録 / Document​​

「The best things in life aren't things​」

I was interested in “Amish and Mennonite" community. They have a simple life and they have chosen to accept technology in their lives. 

I visited their community, and then I interviewed them about their lives. 

In the plan to continue this investigation.

「One place and situation of personal.」

「One place and situation of personal.」
 This is This
©︎Kana Nishio & Hayato Oomori

2015 年9月に水害があった栃木県鹿沼市を取材。 地元の当事者と、メディアを介して水害を知った当事者と2つの視点でカメラを回し、それぞれの視点で水害状況をドキュメントした。その中で人と生活のサイクルがどのように変化し、どのようなことが起こるかを知るためにまだ復興がなされていない土砂崩れの現場や川の周辺、住民と幾つかの状況を選択し、取材を行った。 


We made in Kanuma-city, Tochigi, in 2015. Two people with different viewpoints manipulated the camera.

There was a flood disaster. Although it a while since the reconstruction, I decided to go Kanuma-city since we wanted to know the situation of people living in Kanuma.